chocologo group has started its activity since 2014 as a pioneer in customized special chocolate. one decade continious experience and following the newest know-how as well as modern technology and machinary have lead us to the new and unique products in the market. welcome to taste different and everlasting product with chocologo.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Product types Chocologo
Almond Chocolate bar
Mixed Fruit Chocolate bar
Mixed nuts Chocolate bar
Sour Cherry Chocolate bar
Hazelnut Chocolate bar
Banana Chocolate bar
Apple & Cinnamon Chocolate bar
Apple Chocolate bar
Cashew Chocolate bar
Strawberry Chocolate bar
Pistachios Chocolate bar
Blackberry Chocolate bar​​​​​​​

Product types Chocologo
Brand : Chocologo Farilo
Item From : Bar
Flavor : Chocolate & Fruit & Nut
Size 15.5 * 8 Cm (Pack Of 45)
Net Wieght Chocolate : 100 gram (+/- 5)