Taghdir Almas Khavarmianeh (TAKM Co) was established in 2015, mainly concentrated on food industry.
Using Iranian most qualified manufacturers in different Cooperation methods (consortium, joint-Venture,...) TAKM has been active in local and international markets.
Thanks to the sophisticated management team who previously gained at last 20 years international and local business experiences of production sources & comprehensive understanding of the local and in international customers.
Takm has the honor to collect a various range professions and experiences in food industry and other industries in order to recognize the detailed requirements and service demands of the customers in chain markets and international markets.
In this respect the company has been able to establish mutual cooperation and business in china, uae, iraq, turkey, france, etc.
The management team with decades of experience in different industries always followed a progressive market plan and better mutual understanding.

Introducing the Iranian food industry to the international market is the main target of the company.
Meanwhile we try to cover lack of flexibility to some potential customers ‘demands and market obstacles against manufactures. Under the shadow of comprehensive recognition of manufacturers and local and international customers we do our best to act as a safe bridge.